CAS#: 364-62-5

English Name: metoclopramide

Molecular formula: C14H22ClN3O2

Molecular weight: 299.81

Chinese Name: metoclopramide; metoclopramide; metoclopramide; metoclopramide; 4- amino -5- chloro -N-[(2- B two amino) ethyl]-2- methoxy phenyl amide

Melting point: 147 ~ 151 DEG C

Properties: white to pale yellow crystalline powder, odorless, bitter taste.

Solubility: soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in benzene, ethyl ether, slightly soluble in acetone.

Use: a powerful central antiemetic effect, for malignant, vomiting, belching, loss of appetite, indigestion and so.

Preparation or source: by Para water hydrochloric acid by esterification, acetylation, methylation of amino to acetyl - O - methoxy benzoic acid methyl ester, followed by chlorination, amination, hydrolysis.

Note: to heat, light, alkali labile, changeful color, more stable in acidic solution.

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