Chromium picolinate

CAS#: 14639-25-9

[alias]: chromium picolinate, chromium picolinate

English [name]: Chromium picolinate

[molecular formula: C18H12CrN3O6]

[molecular]: 418.30

[Characteristics]: violet red crystalline powder, luster, good liquidity, and stability at room temperature, slightly soluble in water, insoluble Yu Yichun

[purity]: = 98%

[M D L]: No. MFCD00068715

[uses]: chromium picolinate (CrPic) is a kind of used to type 2 diabetes complementary or alternative medicine; experimental evidence showing that CrPic has an effect on glucose uptake by p38 MAPK activation; chromium thought to improve insulin function, leading to enhanced insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes, chromium picolinate application diabetes is an indisputable fact, and the effect is obvious. But some patients and even doctors do not know about the chromium picolinate, say anything, and some are even said to be lean, feed additive, medicine, and so on, in fact, chromium picolinate is a mineral, a kind of essential trace elements in human body. It is reported that the latest research center of Ministry of agriculture nutrition authoritative American institutions once again confirmed that the trivalent inorganic chromium enhances insulin activity is very small, when converted into organic chromium is strengthen insulin activity obviously. As an important component of glucose tolerance factor, chromium picolinate is indispensable trace elements in patients with diabetes. Studies show that chromium picolinate strong stability, as fat soluble non electrolyte, can smoothly through the cell membrane directly effect on the tissue cell, enhance the activity of insulin, improve the sugar metabolism in the human body, has an important role in the treatment of diabetes, suitable for patients with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance, diabetes high-risk groups and healthy people.

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